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Understanding Dogs

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Pill Treats: Easiest Pill Administering Method

Owning a pet means you have to ensure it is perfect health. You will have to ensure it receives its medication when it is sick. You are thus faced with the task of giving them medication when they too hate it just like you.

In case it is liquid medication, you will have an easier time. It is more preferred than pills and capsules. You only need to part its lips, then pour in the medication. The swallowing reaction will see to it that they receive the medication adequately. You may also find medication that can be mixed with its food.

You may be forced, if it is pills, to give it by hand directly. You should tilt its head upwards, then take your thumb and index fingers behind the canines, where you shall open the mouth. You then place the pill as far back into the mouth as possible. Then keep its mouth shut for some time. You can also blow on its nose, which will make it feel like swallowing. Be careful how you blow on its nose, since it does not feel great. If it is an aggressive dog; it may harm you.

There is also the option of hiding the medication in the pet food. The dog will hardly notice t and so ends up taking its medication. Some of these medications can be crushed and mixed with the food. You can also dip it in honey, peanut butter, or some other nice treat.

You can also make use of a dog pill plunger. This device is meant for giving the pet food. It works better for opening the pet’s mouth as you give it the meds. All you have to do is place the pill on the tip, then insert the plunger into the dog’s mouth. It is by pushing the plunger that the medication gets administered into the mouth. You then keep the mouth shut for some time.

With pill pockets, you and the pet shall have a much easier and safer time when giving the pet its medication. They are basically dog treats that have a hollow section for inserting the medication. The pocket is designed so, which makes giving the medication much easier. They are in many different flavors, making your choices easier. They also have some vitamins as an ingredient, which is good for the pet’s health.
You should make a point of giving the pet a treat after the medication. It’ll be easier to medicate them next time. Follow what the packaging has guided you to.

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