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Limoges Boxes Collection Tips and Benefits

Have you heard of Limoges boxes? What are Limoges boxes? Original or genuine Limoges boxes are hand-painted or hand-crafted hinged boxes that are made from fine French hard-paste porcelain. Europeans were influenced by the famous Chinese hand-painted potteries and they envisioned to recreate similar items, surpassing the craftsmanship and quality of the East. In the past only the rich people can avail Limoges boxes because they are very expensive as they are made of high-coveted pure white porcelain with different shapes and beautifully decorated by master French local artisans. These small hinged boxes are used as snuff boxes and to exchange love small motes, and now are popular collectible and gift items.

Where can you find Limoges boxes, and how are they made? For a Limoges box to be regarded as absolutely authentic, it should be made entirely in France, the Limousin region. You’ll find small factories, ateliers, and workshops in the city of Limoges that produce white porcelain. Master artists paint and decorate porcelain boxes in these small factories and workshops. Limoges boxes are made of two or several parts, but each part is made of porcelain paste. The process involves firing in a special kiln, cooling, and glazing. Once the white porcelain pieces are shiny, they are ready to receive the finest decorative artwork. Expect that a master artisan will use intricate detailing and painting. The paint colors used in authentic Limoges boxes are powder form of natural minerals, that are mixed with special oils applied to the white porcelain. The hinging process is performed by highly-skilled craftsmen. Clasps are added to Limoges boxes, which are beautiful and stunning!

Collects worldwide love to collect Limoges boxes because of the great artistry devoted in making these boxes. Collectors find Limoges boxes in specific themes such as travel, childhood, professions, flowers, music, cuisine, and animals like Limoges cat boxes. Rare Limoges boxes include Disney and other cartoon characters. If you want a luxury gift, Limoges are great gift items for any celebration or special occasions such as Christening, Christmas, Mothers Day, Valentines Day, anniversary, and birthdays. You can keep your small valuable items for keepsake in a Limoges box such as your baby’s first erupted tooth, wedding ring, or a lock of hair. Limoges boxes can serve as decorative items for your home or office, adding a touch of class, elegance, and sophistication.

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