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Facts about the Space

Whenever you look into the skies, what do you think about. Are they all alone? There is no one who knows the extent of the content of the skies. On e true thing about the space is that despite the many questions that we have there are no answers that we can end up having. But one thing we are sure of is that it is vast and beautiful. How beautiful and how great it is one thing that we don’t know. When you think about the space you are actually left with more questions than answers. There are however great and interesting facts about the space.

The space hosts thousands of planets. We all know about the famous nine planets. More planets actually do exists. There are only eight planets that are in our solar system. In the space beyond our solar system, the planets that are there are actually very many . There is, however, one sun. The other planets have their orbits around the other stars. There are therefore many exo-planets which revolve around other stars which are outside the solar system that we live in. There are more than 1000 new worlds that have been confirmed by the astronomers up to date. If you thought these were many, there are 3000 more that are just awaiting confirmation. The major planet that is being discovered however are not places that humans can survive. These planet is hot mass of gasses that get to revolve around the various stars.

Have you ever been to space? If no, listen to me then. When you get to space the skin on your feet will peel off. In the space the amount of gravitational force acting on you is very minimal that you barely walk on your feet. Through this, they can’t use their feet in walking. This, therefore, makes their feet to peel off after softening and flaking off. There is no washing that happens in the space. The astronaut will, therefore, wear the same underwear’s and sock for quite some days. The socks, therefore, ought to be removed very gently. The dead cells on the feet will otherwise float the weightless environment.

There us a planet called Venus which has one day being longer than the earth’s year There is a lot of time that the planet uses ingoing round its own orbit which is much longer. To rotate on its axis only once, the planet take 243 days on the earth. There is another amazing fact about the space. The number of the earth that can make one sun would be a million. The sun is not just that big red circle we see in the books.

The is only one thing that we are very sure about the space which is that it is very beautiful.

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